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Bringing Out Drupal Talents

  Drupal is open source software maintained and developed by a community of 630,000+ users and developers. Drupal is one of the fastest growing community in the world of CMS. Drupal is one of most powerful php based open source content management system. It has been used by companies from small scale industries to large companies.   Cubic Web Solutions has taken an initiative to groom fresh Drupal Talents in the industry. Our contribution in nurturing the future open source engineers has been appreciated by many organizations. Our training and excellence department is continuously working to provide the assistance to the candidates looking forward to build career in open source web technologies.   Our aim is to help pool of youngsters to educate and have an edge in fiercely competitive employment market in India. With this initiative   Cubic Web solution has started working with engineering colleges in India to invest in education and ensure the employability and productivity of the candidate.   Our initiative will not...

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Drupal – Best Content Management System to use

    Drupal has been the top pick up to develop simple websites, complex portals, e-commerce systems etc.   When it comes in mind to develop a web application or simple website. There are many questions which comes to mind. Few obvious questions-   What should be the UI What should be the server requirement what language should be used to develop website Should we use cms or custom programming   When it comes to select between various cms in the market, it becomes quite difficult to choose from them. But actually it is not that much difficult, drupal as one of the best cms to use.  Drupal have unlimited features to develop websites of any kind.  You can customise it easily to develop websites : company, commercial, entertainment, news, blogs, forums, personal and educational.   Lets take a look on features     1) Drupal Community -  Drupal is one of the fastest growing community amongst another content management system. There are millions of contributors who supports with...

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WordPress 3.8 – A fresh stunning face

  WordPress is one of the highest used Content Management System used across the world. Its eye catching admin interface have always attracted everyone, be it technical user or no technical user. But launch of WordPress 3.8 which is called "Parker" in the honour of "Charlie Parker" has once again hit the doors of everyone with its stunning interface and features. Responsive Design - Access On Every Device Now use of internet is not limited to the desktop users, there are millions of users access websites over mobile, tablet and smartphone. No matter which device you use, WordPress will be accessible on all device. New WordPress have high definition vector icons to maintain the resolution on all devices....

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How to select a Web Development Company

      In this constantly changing hi-tech era, searching and settling on a web Development Company is not an easy task. With the convenience of innumerable sites offering unlimited options, one should be extra cautious in choosing a web development company rather than going on its face value alone. This selection is very crucial as it helps a business concern not only in building a brand image but also sustaining it amidst so much competition. The countless factors that a business unit focuses on before short-listing a web development company are:   Past Record:   The earlier engagements of a company play a pivotal role in its selection. How long has been the company in this trade, what all brands it has worked for, is the work area similar to your requirements etc. are the few basic pre-requisites.   Value for money:   Cost effectiveness is an integral factor but it does not have power over the decision of a...

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Why Magento is best open source e-commerce system?

  The most trusted eCommerce software and platform used by well known brands globally is Magneto. It is a website program that deals with selling of products. Varian built this open source technology program for increasing business online. In today's world eCommerce market is the most competitive one. Understanding ongoing marketing strategies is a difficult task. Thus, if you are interested in taking your business to a next level, then Magneto is the best option for you. Read on to know how Magneto proves to be a superior eCommerce solution.     In terms of Merchandising Magneto offers increased control:   This open source content management system provides better options for merchandising and promotion of your product online. That results in increment of sales and ultimately the growth of the company. Online merchants can find a number of options through which they can accomplish their goods in this competitive world. Magneto is available in various editions...

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