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Partnership with BeeksFx VPS – World’s Leading Supplier of Low Latency Forex VPS

  Cubic Web Solutions is happy to announce the partnership with BeeksFx (World's Leading Supplier of Low Latency Forex VPS). BeeksFx have two Data Centers located New York and London. They provide Lowest Latency set up of any VPS provider with X-connects available to largest bridge providers. We will be providing all support to their clients based in Indian continent. If you are forex broker and looking forward for a safe, reliable and FAST trading solution. You can contact us through email- info@cubicwebsolutions.com or on phone +91-120-4210686...

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Benefits of using MVC (Model-View-Controller) Architecture

  Model-View-Controller or MVC is very popular software architecture. This architecture clearly defines the representation of information from user's interaction with the software. Each part of MVC have very vital role where Model consists the database logics, operational logics, business rules and validation. View is used to display the information to the user interacting with it where as controller play the role of bridge between view and model. It takes data from the model and send to view.     As displayed in the above picture, so this architecture run on Model, View and Controller. This architecture is purely based on the Object Oriented Programming using the Inheritance, Constructors, Object, Model etc. When we develop a complex software, we keep fighting to arrange our coding in a proper structure and make it reusable as much as possible. But after a certain level it become very difficult to manage it. Where as MVC code is...

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Why WordPress is first choice Content Management System across the world

  When someone start his website very first question which comes in mind is that "should i use CMS or not ? " if yes then "which cms should i use ? ". There is not an easy answer to get either you are a technical person or you have no relation with technology. So you need to be little specific about your requirements.   WordPress is one the highest used content content management across the world be it small enterprise, big company, personal website or blogger, everyone prefer to design and develop their website using WordPress. The reason stays very simple, WordPress is easy to handle, clean admin interface, a lot of extensions and easily customizable themes. Why WordPress -   It is free...

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Why agile is helpful for your projects

    Agile methodology is one of the finest alternative to the traditional project management methods used in software development. When we come to discuss about the agile many things come in our mind that like why, how and when. Agile is the term which has been derived from the Agility. Which means "ability to change the direction of the body in an efficient and effective manner and to achieve this requires a combination of balance and co-ordination".   Agile helps teams and project owner to asses the direction of the project throughout the project development life-cycle. Project has been assessed regular interval which are known as sprints or iterations. That's why Agile is known as “iterative” and “incremental.” In an agile paradigm, every aspect of development — requirements, design, etc. — is continually revisited throughout the life-cycle of the project whereas in waterfall modal development teams only have one chance to get all...

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Zipmark a payment platform Integration

Zipmark is a state of the art payment platform that enables billers and consumers to accept secure payments from any other member with a bank, thrift or credit union checking account. The Zipmark Payment API allows application developers and merchants easy integration into traditional web payment flows, mobile commerce, or even traditional paper invoice payments through the use of Zipmark QR codes. We have successfully in integrated the zipmark to generate the invoices, making payment and callbacks.   ...

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