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CWLMS – A CRM for Insurance Agencies

lmsMarketing methods are changing everyday and managing customer’s data is an important key for every organization. For insurance agencies too things have changed a lot in last 4-5 years. For them it has become quite important to refine the database and provide the accurate prospects to the insurance companies. CWLMS is a leads management system for insurance agencies consisting all required features.

User Roles: Our leads management system has multiple user roles like agency owner, campaign manager, tele caller, and lead receiver. Agency owner can access and manage all leads, campaign managers, tele callers and lead receiver. Tele-caller can access all leads, which are in follow-up. Campaign managers can run the campaign for agency and take a look leads received through them to the agency, whereas lead receiver can view all leads coming to their criteria.

Lead Receivers Filter- Agency owner has ability to manage the criteria for Lead receiver. On basis of filters applied by agency owner (Age, Location, Insurance plan, income, verification etc.) lead receiver will be able to see the leads.

Verification of leads- To verify the entered by the customers, tele-callers have an interface where they can see all new leads and leads in follow-up. Tele-callers can view the lead details and verify with customers. Tele-caller can also request for changes in customers, if asked by customer.

API integration- To receive the leads at Lead Receiver end, along with dashboard, we have implemented the various API’s so that leads can also be directly pushed to receiver company’s CRM.

To know about the CWLMS, please click here and we will setup a demo.

Pavan Verma

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