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SuiteCRM Development

Open Source CRM solution to increase productivity and maximize the output


SuiteCRM is a free and open source alternative to Salesforce, Dynamics and other proprietary software. Feature rich, powerful, flexible and user-friendly, it is one of the most popular CRM applications globally. SuiteCRM is a software divergence of the well-liked customer relationship management (CRM) system SugarCRM. It is proposed to be an open source option to SugarCRM’s “community version”, with additional modules.

We design and build hearty and custom Suite CRM web solutions for the businesses seeking affordable yet feature-rich CRM solutions. It being highly successful and reasonable customer relationship management system offers- improved control over work-flows, sales, customer maintenance, marketing activities and various other requirements.

Cubic Web Solutions have team of SuiteCRM experts that can take care of end to end CRM needs. We have customized the funnel, integrated the third party API, Asterisk Connector and developed custom modules. Our team of experts not only design and develop the solutions but we also take charge of training to client for maximum utilization.

We as official partner of SuiteCRM take care of end to end delivery of high quality SuiteCRM development solutions. We have deployed CRM for various industries like Healthcare, Call-Center, Retail, Real Estate, Production, Manufacturing, Travel etc.

We as a only SuiteCRM delivery partner in India give 24×7 support to our customers with variety of options and packages exclusive tailored for your needs. We have right experts to work onshore and offshore for implementation, deployment, training and support.